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The Crew

The 2017 - 2018 Rocketry Team is comprised of 23 members that range from first semester Freshmen to 5th-year Graduating Seniors. We are comprised primarily of Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical Enginers with our first member from UT's College of Medicine Joining our crew. All of us are ambitious students looking to prove our worth at NASA's Student Launch Competition at Huntsville, AL in April 2018.

Nathan R. - President

A Junior Mechanical Engineering student that also serves as the Vehcle Team Lead.

Andrew L. - Vice President

A Senior Mechanical Engineering student that also serves as the Payload Team Lead.

Samantha P. - Treasurer

A Freshman Mehanical Engineering Student assisting the Payload Team

Victoria R. - Secretary

A Sophomore Nursing Student that also serves as the Team Safety Officer.

A Brief History:

    The University of Toledo Rocketry Club started officially in the Spring semester of 2015 in the basement of Carter Hall West. Jay Nagy had created the idea for the University of Toledo High-Powered Rocketry Club, while a Kerbal Space Program club was started in Carter West by Michael Blackwood, Connor Blair, Peter Lefere and Andrew Loch, known as Carter West Space Agency (CWSA). UT Rocketry was created because a friend of Jay’s didn’t believe the Earth was round, and the goal was to create a rocket to take pictures of the curvature of Earth. CWSA had rocketry as a goal for the future. The two clubs met and together formed the University of Toledo High-Powered Rocketry Club. Immediately following that meeting, the CWSA members hatched a plan to hijack the club. By the following spring, the entire executive board of UT Rocketry had become CWSA members. The “High-Powered” part of the name was dropped during this time.

2801 West Bancroft Street
Toledo. Ohio 43606