CinestarA Short film by Sam Kolder

On behalf of Karmagawa we appreciate your interest in saving the last of our planet’s rhinos.
Based on current birth rates and statistics rhinos will go extinct within the next 5 -10 years.

Our goal here is to do whatever it takes to prevent this global loss as we believe it is reversible in the crucially short amount of time we have left to act.

We realize we are not rhino experts. We are storytellers with platforms and voices connected to more than 10 million people across the world. This is an unprecedented opportunity and we intend to use that power for good.

If you are here it is hopefully because we told this story well enough that you, like us, feel the undeniable need to DO something.

Here are things you can do right now:

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"The War Against Poaching" documents Karmagawa's trip to visit the great charity, Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife’s (VETPAW) that protects endangered species from animal poachers. Filmmaker Sam Kolder documented the trip as the Karmagawa team traveled to South Africa to learn about how post-9/11 veterans are risking their lives to protect animals that are on the verge of extinction due to the threats of illegal animal poachers. Karmagawa has so far donated $250,000 to VetPaw, but this is just the beginning as the battle is far from over and if we do nothing these beautiful creatures will be extinct within 5-10 years so please watch this important short film and x it with your friends and family and on social media and donate as every dollar helps in this crucial battle!


On your social media, to you friends, every single voice helps and you never know who you will impact. Unlike previous generations, we have the unique and completely new ability to connect to a global community, small or large,


International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) This international nonprofit trains rangers in four countries to utilize military tactics and equipment for protecting high-target species, such as elephants, rhinos and gorillas. Since 2009 they have also partnered in community engagement and development, research, wildlife rescue and biodiversity management. Donate here or apply to volunteer in their Green Army where all program fees go towards conservation.


This is a war won through education and direct action. We are the bridge that links you to the doers. Below are four organizations with proactive approaches to conservation that we would love your help in supporting.

Top Charities

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is one of the largest and most well respected animal welfare and conservation charities in the world. They work in more than 40 countries to rescue individual animals, safeguard populations, preserve habitat, and advocate for greater protections.

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The college works with conservation agencies across the southern African region as well as the Game Rangers Association of Africa to train natural resource managers, conservationists and field rangers who make a career out of conserving and protecting wildlife. They train students in: anti-poaching techniques, wildlife-conflict management, community-based natural resource management, geographic information systems, tracking and infrastructure development.

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Founded by Dr. Lorinda Hern, this doctor-led nonprofit developed one of the only proactive methods of devaluing of rhino horns, while letting the animal still keep its horn. They do this by infusing the horn with an animal-friendly toxin and dye, while also providing added security measures like microchips, tracking technology and DNA sampling and storage. Their mission is to offer a sustainable, cost effective defensive strategy to protect rhinos in South Africa and elsewhere from poaching.

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Utilizes the skills and experience of post-9/11 U.S. veterans to provide on the ground armed protection for endangered African wildlife, train park rangers and support their communities. Karmagawa has had the privilege of working with them on the ground in two locations in South Africa and has thus far donated more than $200,000.

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This week alone our global community has donated an additional $53,000 from more than 600 people around the world. We see this as proof that we can and will win this war. Thank you for joining us.